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Birthday Cupcakes

Posted on: August 26, 2010

So today is my little man’s birthday. Can’t believe he is 8 already. So since school started back up on Monday, I found myself scrambling to make something to take for his classmates to enjoy. 

For the first time he had specific ideas about what he wanted. White cake, blue frosting cupcakes for school and strawberry cake for his party. So seeing as I am losing my mind busy this week, I went the lazy route and used a french vanilla cake mix, but did make my own buttercream frosting. 

My hand mixer hard at work... I really need to invest in a stand mixer!


As mentioned, he wanted blue so blue he got! 

Ain't it pretty?


My kids seemed to really enjoy this frosting. I had sorta mixed feelings. While I really enjoyed the creamy smooth texture and I really liked that it wasn’t super sweet, for me it had a really strong butter taste, as in that seemed to be all I could taste. But then it is buttercream after all, so maybe that is the way it should be? I got the recipe here Beantown Baker and followed it exactly. Overall really happy and thankful as this is the first buttercream I have made that the kids actually liked. 

Here is the final product – pretty and yummy. 



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